I’m chasing after time, again. I want to leave the house at 3:15 to pick up the kids. It’s 3:10, and I’m making their snacks. 4 slices of sourdough bread. Put them in the toaster and wait till they’re done. Spread some butter until it melts. Scoop a generous spoonful of some store-bought apricot jam and move the spoon around, pulling the amber blob across the bread. Cover with another slice.

A few months ago I began packing snacks for kids to eat in the car on the way back home or to the gym, after I picked them up…

You know what it’s like, being stuck in your business. Your fear rules the game, and you live in the shadow of what may never happen. Anxious and stressed, you cling to the comfort of staying where you are. You’ve told yourself it’s better that way. So what if you never see the light? Maybe there is no light?

No matter how small your decision is, fear can keep you away from the sun for years. Its whispers will become your story: “I will never find the project that I like.” “My business is always going to be struggling.” “I…

When things get hard, the first thing I ask myself is Why am I doing this? Going back to the core helps me find my true north, brings all the daily struggles into perspective and allows me to see what my life would be like if I stopped. What would it be like for the people I want to impact with my business?

I take note of how my life has changed thanks to the work I do and I wonder if I want to go back to that which brings busyness and “secure” check-to-check existence.

A few years ago…

Teaching languages online takes our work outside textbooks, Grammar rules and vocabulary lists. When Google and Youtube have all the factual answers, what should our role be?

I’d like to think that there’s some change we want to see in the world. Teaching online allows us to live out our values and help that little group of people that become our “followers” see the world differently.

You can use your platform not just to teach, but to inspire and call to action. Don’t bore people with information — infect them with your vision.

This is a series of 100-word previews for my new book that comes out on October 23, 2018. Learn more here:

Every soccer coach starts their practice with conditioning. Conditioning has little to do with the game itself or with specific skills. Who cares about the way you kick the ball if you can’t survive a game?

Conditioning is about building resilience and preventing trauma.

Coaching is like conditioning. It’s about building resilience. Preventing trauma. Setting right expectations. Changing mindset. Persevering under pressure. Taking risks. Rising strong.

Coaching gives you perspective of someone who has been there and overcome. It teaches you to rise above the noise and stress, step back and see yourself as an overcomer.

This is a series of 100-word previews for my new book that comes out on October 23, 2018. Learn more here:

What is your money story? What did you think of money when you were growing up? looking for your first job? creating a budget? adding side gigs? taking trips? going out to eat? buying what you need and buying what you want?

Did you feel afraid that you will never pay all the bills?

Did you compulsively save?

Did you spend on a whim?

Did you tell yourself who cares about tomorrow?

Did you tell yourself who cares about today?

Did you tell yourself you will never have enough?

Did you tell yourself you will run out?

Did you tell…

Perfectionism is more than striving to make things perfect.

It can look like

  • A desire to have it altogether 100%
  • A drive to be in control
  • A fear of making a mistake
  • A thought that everything depends on you
  • A striving to embellish your story
  • A feeling of not good enough, not there (yet), not ready (ever).

Just like fear has a number of faces that we fail to recognize, so does perfectionism. To recognize perfectionism, I believe we have to take note of how it makes us feel.

If a situation makes us anxious, stressed, overwhelmed, burdened, scared, paralyzed, unrealistic, demanding, we need to pause and ask ourselves…

Of all possible investments you can make into your online business, improving your writing will give you the best return.

Even if you write short pieces, they connect better when you find the right words that speak to the heart of your audience. “Writing is telepathy,” said Stephen King.

You need to listen and even eavesdrop on your audience to find words, topics and passions that they want to read about. Then, through your writing, you engage into a heart-to-heart conversation that transforms your reader’s life and leads them to action.

This is a series of 100-word previews for my new book that comes out on October 23, 2018. Learn more here:

It’s clear that the more engaged your community is, the more business comes your way.

But I find it awkward to engage for the sake of generating business. I want to engage because I’m interested in people, in their personal growth and achievement. I want to promote what they do and help them on the journey.

I believe when we, as business owners and leaders, assume the responsibility for the well-being of our community, we will find a lot more fulfillment than when we only focus on growing numbers.

This is a series of 100-word previews for my new book that comes out on October 23, 2018. Learn more here:

A product you create is a capsule version of your services.

It will amplify your message beyond your expectations. It will simplify your message to its bare bones so your customers are ready to share it.

This is why a good product takes years of practice, hundreds of crumpled drafts on the floor, and a consistent drive to improve. More than anything, a good product connects with real people. It fills up their void and helps them find a helpful solution to the dilemma they’ve been struggling with.

Such a product has a greater impact because it doesn’t just give more information, but makes clients’ lives more meaningful.

This is a series of 100-word previews for my new book that comes out on October 23, 2018. Learn more here:

Elena Mutonono

Coach for online language teachers. Writer. New book:

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