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  • Fabio Cerpelloni

    Fabio Cerpelloni

    I help learners of English speak and write through their photos and stories so they can build confidence and connect with people from around the world.

  • Mollie Birney, M.A.

    Mollie Birney, M.A.

    Clinical Coach in private practice — life coaching with an eye towards mental health. www.molliebirney.com @mbclinicalcoaching

  • U.S. Surgeon General

    U.S. Surgeon General

    Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, MD, MBA, serves as America’s doctor, providing info to improve public health & leading the USPHS Commissioned Corps.

  • Drs. Vivek Murthy & Alice Chen

    Drs. Vivek Murthy & Alice Chen

    Physicians and public health leaders. Vivek served as the 19th US Surgeon General. Alice served as the Executive Director of Doctors for America.

  • Dr. Vivek Murthy

    Dr. Vivek Murthy

    19th Surgeon General of the United States. Dad, Husband, Author of TOGETHER: The Healing Power of Human Connection in a Sometimes Lonely World

  • Silvia Perrone

    Silvia Perrone

    Passionate multi-passionate, and not sorry about it. Learning to listen and write. I also help people to learn Italian through stories at www.italearn.com

  • Lydia Smith

    Lydia Smith

    90s Homeschool grad, entrepreneur, Virginia native, poverty fighter wannabe. Connect with me at @lydiaismith

  • Jessica Tefenkgi Ruelle

    Jessica Tefenkgi Ruelle

    French teacher, & Mindful Life Coach, I help intermediate — advanced French learners find their authentic voice and express it confidently

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