You know what it’s like, being stuck in your business. Your fear rules the game, and you live in the shadow of what may never happen. Anxious and stressed, you cling to the comfort of staying where you are. You’ve told yourself it’s better that way. So what if you never see the light? Maybe there is no light?

No matter how small your decision is, fear can keep you away from the sun for years. Its whispers will become your story: “I will never find the project that I like.” “My business is always going to be struggling.” “I don’t have time to do this.” “I can’t do this now.” “I don’t have the money.”

You go back to the courage-numbing activities: do some research, create a product that nobody will see, take 10 more online classes.

At times like these you need to ask yourself how different your business would be if you gave yourself permission … to publish that post, to raise your prices, to offer a new service to a specific client, to do the work that matters? What if someone told you, “Go ahead?” How would your life change today?

Oh, but you don’t have that someone…. Well then, look in the mirror and say, “Go ahead.”

Hey! I’m Elena Mutonono: a writer, a strategy coach for online language teachers, a mother of 2, and a wife of 1. I write more on

Coach for online language teachers. Writer. New book:

Coach for online language teachers. Writer. New book: